The God who pursues us: A talk, by me

I’ve never done this before, and I won’t make a habit of it, but I’ve had so much encouragement about a talk I gave this weekend at St Mary’s Reigate, that I thought I’d repost it here. It’s all about Jonah chapter one, in which a man hears from God and promptly runs in the opposite direction.

You might be interested in listening if…

  • You’re not sure you believe in God, but you’re vaguely intrigued in the possibility of him existing
  • You feel God has called you to do something, but you’re really struggling with the idea
  • You’d quite like to hear me justify why God could speak through horoscopes and probably does work through evolution

If you’d like to have a listen, just click here: The God who pursues us

Otherwise, I appreciate you’re very busy!

One response to “The God who pursues us: A talk, by me

  1. Good stuff, especially that line: “he isn’t sending anybody else”. Comforting and also terrifying! Amazing to think he’s trusting each of us with bits of his kingdom, but terrifying that he’s not got plan B on back up for when we fail.

    Also, it’s seriously nice to hear a sermon that discusses ‘the dark night of the soul’. About time leaders of the church fessed up to being human, and therefore prone to occasional doubt. Thanks very much Martin.

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