Messiah complex?

So this is strange… I was looking through the photos from the 2013 Youthwork Summit event, and found this pic of me. This is apparently how I was standing for a full 20 seconds at the end as I encouraged the gathering in some final, er, chanting… Is anyone else worried?

(Also, I hear my co-host Andrea was so flummoxed by my apparent transformation into Moses that she eventually followed suit, so we ended the event looking like some sort of playground aeroplane formation.)

One response to “Messiah complex?

  1. Did you know Google is asking me to fill out a survey when I go to Christian today to read one of your articles? Is that for your information or theirs? Either way its absurd. Imagine if the Gideon’s required you to do something before handing you a bible….or if Jesus asked for money before he taught.

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