I love film, and as a bit of a hobby, I write for the screen. Here are a couple of recent projects…

The Longest Drive

This is a short film I co-wrote with my friend Graeme Law, and which is directed by the phenomenally-talented Francis Annan. It’s a no-dialogue mystery with one actor – the brilliant Darren Boyd – and it’s currently in the editing room. I’ll post a link once it’s online.

Big Guy

This is by far the coolest thing I’ve ever been involved in. It was directed by the British-Nigerian actor David Oyelowo, and stars some quite amazing actors, including Alfred Molina, Josh Gad, Kate Mara and Clint Howard. I wrote the screenplay. The film is available on iTunes here

Going Up

This is a 3-minute short film which I wrote with my friend Graeme Law for the 2012 Reed Short Film competition. We were shortlisted for the final prize – and we won the 2012 People’s Choice award. I’m not lying. It’s here.

My feeble-looking IMDB pages is here.

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