Youth Ministry

For the last decade, I’ve been passionately involved in Youth Ministry. Here are a couple of projects that I’m involved in which seek to resource, equip and encourage youth workers.

Until recently, I was editor of Youthwork Magazine for about eight years. I continue to believe that it’s the best youth ministry resource that money can buy, and not just because they’ve rehired me as a columnist. Since its launch in 1991, Youthwork has been committed to providing ‘Ideas, Resources and Guidance for Youth Ministry’, and for thousands of readers each month, its mix of curriculum, stretching feature articles and and spiritual reflection is a real lifeline. If you were a nurse, you’d read the Nursing Times… If you’re a youth worker, visit to find out more. You can also subscribe on the site.

Along with my friends Chris Curtis and Matt Summerfield, I’m one of the founders and leaders of the Youthwork Summit event. The Summit is a completely new kind of youth ministry training event, at which we gather a huge range of speakers from all across the church and beyond it, and ask them to give us one big idea in fifteen minutes or less. The journey so far has been extraordinary, and we’ve now had five brilliant events – the videos from which are all available for free at:

One response to “Youth Ministry

  1. Hi – just to say I found about Joel via James Corden on Twitter and about to put some money in Joel’s poor box. I can see how committed you are to youth work and I, though an OAP now, have been the same since young myself. In April I was a leader with a group of 12-18 year-olds and we went to S AFrica to build a Child Development Centre with Youth Mission Project 2012 uner the umbrella of Young Life International. It is a life changing experience for the young people (and me) and they worked so hard to build a super building from containers. It will help 450 children, many orphaned through Aids and next April we want to return to build an orphanage for them. The group of 37 I went with was via a Christian church in Cardiff but anyone can go. If you want more info of what we did, let me know. I wish Joel well – how wonderful at the age of 6 to be doing this! Regards, JennyC

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