I’ve written eleven books – here they are in reverse order of publication, with a link to purchase/find out more.


YWFSYouth Work From Scratch – No prizes for guessing what this is: a step-by-step guide to building a Christian youth work project from the ground up. It’s not however just intended for people who’ve never run a youth group – it’s designed to help troubleshoot and revitalize an existing project too. There are contributions in there from a whole load of youth ministry peeps too, so it’s actually quite a collaborative book.

The Beautiful Disciplines: Helping Young People to Develop Their Spiritual Roots – This is the book I’m proudest of. It’s a combined theory and curriculum book which takes teenagers through the Spiritual Disciplines. I genuinely think this is such a powerful area; if you’re keen to help young people go deeper with God, I recommend exploring the ancient disciplines with them.

500 Prayers for Young People – Er, it’s a book of prayers for teenagers. Not much more to say than that.

The Think Tank – 100 Discussion Starters on a wide range of subjects; 25 of which can be used in conjunction with film clips.

The Ideas Factory: 100 Discussions Starters to Get Teens Talking – My first book of discussion starters, and hopefully a good resource for anyone who needs a last-minute back-up plan. It’s not just for that though- it also includes a 25-step journey through the entire Bible narrative, which you can deliver in God-slot-sized chunks.


The Power and the Glory – This is an autobiographical story which I co-wrote with the amazing evangelist Arthur White. Arthur was a founding member of the powerlifting evangelists Tough Talk – and he has a quite extraordinary testimony, which is detailed here.

Convicted or Condemned? – Another autobiography – this one written with East London Youth Pastor Dez Brown – another man who has been radically saved by an encounter with Jesus.

England’s Messiah – A pre-evangelistic football novel which correctly predicted Wayne Rooney’s rise to prominence at Euro 2004. FourFourTwo Magazine called it ‘Christian Claptrap’.

Chased by the Dragon, Caught by the Lamb – Yet another autobiography, written with former drug dealer Brian Morris. Yes, I’m aware it has the worst title in the history of the world.

David Street’s Christmas Diary – Well, you have to give Authentic Media their dues – they did back some wacky ideas. This one was an evangelistic Christmas-themed novella. Also available in French and German.

East End to East Coast – My first book – and weirdly it still turns up all over the place. How it ever got commissioned is beyond me now, but this chronicle of my trip to post 9/11 New York with Arthur White and Tough Talk is still something I look upon fondly.

2 responses to “Books

  1. Hi Martin, I just saw this.. never knew you hated my title and that it is the worst in the history of the world! 100s of people have told me that it is a brilliant clever title so I think your comment a bit strong. Brian Morris

  2. My son and I were delighted to read your book England’s Messiah. Absolutely great book !
    Greetings from Bangalore.

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