My name is Martin Saunders (that’s me in the picture). I love my family (wife and 4 kids), and I follow Jesus Christ. I believe passionately that He is real, alive and relevant, and that He can transform lives for the better.

I love youth workers. This is partly because I am one, at least in my spare time. Young people are similarly brilliant.

I work as the Creative Director at the British youth work charity, Youthscape.

I write things (articles, books, screenplays etc), and I like to create new things (like the Youthwork Summit or Childrenswork magazine).

I’m really quite nice when you get to know me, although in my profile picture, I appreciate that I look like someone you’d avoid at a party.

If you’d like to contact me about anything, email me. I like mail.

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  1. heard u on ucb, and it captured my heart so had to read the virgin money page for more!

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