Celia’s perfect pancake

pancakeI can take absolutely no credit for this, but – with shrove tuesday looming – this is the best pancake recipe I’ve ever found. It was given to me by my then journalist on Youthwork magazine, Celia Hyland, and it has done me proud for every pancake day (and most Saturday mornings, since). I believe it was handed down to her by a wise wizard, or possibly a parent.

The perfect pancake recipe: (for crepes, not those awful thick things)

You will need:

4oz plain flour
1 egg
1/2 pint milk
pinch salt

Get your pan really hot with a spoon of oil. Add small amount of mixture (1/12). Recoat the pan with oil for each one, pouring excess oil out each time. The first one will go wrong!

Makes approx. 12 thin pancakes.

You are most welcome. Thanks again Celia (reproduced with her permission)!

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