Big Guy

Really excitingly (and unexpectedly) a 22-minute film which I wrote in 2010 has just been released on iTunes.

It’s called Big Guy, stars a quite amazing cast including Alfred Molina, Kate Mara and Josh Gad, and costs £1.99 (or £1.49 in Standard def). It was directed by the brilliant and now ridiculously successful David Oyelowo. I’ll give you a bit more of the background (if you’re interested) below, but if you’d like to watch a great (IMHO) little film about love, self-esteem and brothels (sort of), then you can find it on  iTunes by clicking here.

If you’re interested, this film is probably the pinnacle (so far) of my screenwriting career. I got to spend a significant amount of time through 2009-10 working with David both on this short, and on a couple of feature-length projects which I hope will someday see the light of day. It’s been rather slow progress since (having a full-time job and a growing family does that), but the long term dream of my life is that one day, I’ll get to write movies for a living. So just me and about 7 gazillion other people then…

Anyway – I really hope you like the film. I think it represents my best work – although in truth I’m only a tiny bit of the production – and I’m very proud both that it exists, and that iTunes have decided to release it now.

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