Three prayers: Growing with God

I’m continuing to post some prayers from my book 500 Prayers for Young People (Read a bit about it here). These prayers are part of a section of the book which include lots of adaptations (and left-as-is reprints) of classic prayers and Psalms. The reason why I thought the book might need writing in the first place is that while many of the young people I work with want to pray, or think it’s a good idea, they often struggle to find the words. Plus – I think we underestimate them if we think they can’t cope with the linguistic complexity of say, St Patrick’s Breastplate (which is my all-time favourite prayer).

Anyway, here are three more prayers – these ones taken from a section called ‘Growing with God’:


Like an animal in search of water,

My soul is thirsty for you God.

I hunger for a real connection with you,

I am impatient to know you better.

Something deep inside me calls out to you,

Like a homing beacon buried within.

So many people around me don’t believe –

They think I’m a fool for following you.

Yet I don’t just believe; I know it on a primal level;

You are God and I long to know you better.

Based on Psalm 42


God I want to be wise.

Wise enough to settle arguments between friends;

Wise enough to know right from wrong, even when the line seems blurry;

Wise enough to see the bigger picture;

Wise enough to know which battles to pick;

Wise enough to know what love means in every situation;

Wise enough to see where you are at work all around me.

Give me the wisdom that enables all these things God,

Give me wisdom, and teach me how to use it.


 Forgive me God for my silence,

My words so often dry up when I know they should flow easily.

Help me to pray; teach me how to talk to you as if you were standing in front of me.

Buy 500 Prayers for Young People direct from me (please), or from Amazon or Eden. You are very welcome to reproduce these prayers.

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