Three prayers: Thanksgiving and Praise

As promised, I’m posting a few sample prayers from my book 500 Prayers for Young People on the blog. Read a bit about it here.

Here are three prayers from the first section of the book: Thanksgiving and Praise. I am suddenly aware that this is a little bit like doing a poetry recital. If you like them, please use them, share them, and well… pray them.


Extraordinary creator:

Sculptor of the mountains,

Painter of the universal canvas,

I bow in awe as I think of what you have made.

And yet…

You love me; insignificant, little me.

My heart is filled with thankfulness,

That the same God who crafted galaxies,

Made and knows me too.


God, I cannot get my head around the idea that you allowed your only Son to die.

So that I could live forever.

I cannot begin to grasp how you are interested in me –

More than that; love me –

When you are the creator of all time and space and matter.

So I’ll switch off my puzzled mind for a moment, and speak from my heart:

Thank you God, that you love me so very much.


Thank you that you didn’t wait for me to catch up,

Thank you that even when I wasn’t interested,

Didn’t care,

Didn’t want to know,

Laughed at the very suggestion of you,

Buried my head in the sand,

Looked the other way,

Rejected you,

Went in my own direction;

You went ahead and loved me anyway.

Thank you that you loved me first;

Loved me through all that,

And will keep on loving me regardless.

Buy 500 Prayers for Young People from Amazon or Eden. You are very welcome to reproduce these prayers.

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