Disciplines for Dummies

I enjoyed a fantastic day yesterday at Ytrain, a youth leader training event organised by the Anglican Diocese of Guildford (and in particular their youth adviser David Welch). It was one of the best organised and best-thought-out events of its kind I’ve ever been to, and it was my absolute privilege to be able to deliver a keynote and some workshops based around my book, The Beautiful Disciplines.

The book was inspired by Richard Foster’s amazing book ‘Celebration of Discipline’, and aims in the same way to unpack these extraordinary  ancient tools though which people have been connecting with God for literally thousands of years. It would be fair to say that my book isn’t quite at the same intellectual level as Foster’s, but I’m alright with the idea that this is the disciplines ‘for dummies’.

The idea of the book is that as youth leaders you get a crash course in each discipline (ranging from fasting to simplicity; from silence to celebration), and then three levels of resources to start exploring them with young people, depending on whether you’re running a ‘God slot’ or a traditional youth programme.

From experience, I’ve seen exposure to the Disciplines provoke some amazing results in young people, as they get an opportunity to own their relationship with God, and discover a new range of tools through which to connect with Him.

If you’d like to buy a copy of the book, I now have a small stash of them and will very happily send them out at cost (£10) – I’ve set this up through ebay – so just click here to go direct to the listing.

Alternatively, if you’re somebody who organises youth leader training, I’d love to do some more of it – just drop me an email by clicking here  if that’s of interest.

5 responses to “Disciplines for Dummies

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  2. Hello Martin.
    We are just entering a season on the Disciplines for our youth. For my keynote message I used your exercise where the students list opposites for the disciplines then compare which words apply best to their current life. It was very powerful for my group. You could see the reality hit. I just wanted to pass on that encouragement to you. Looking forward to other fruit from your book.

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