Hosting & Presenting

I do a few various bits of hosting and presenting, including radio, events, and – due to my face – no television so far. A couple of the highlights:

bbcradio2Pause for thought on BBC Radio 2: I am one of a number of regular contributors to this long-running religious inspirational slot. I get two minutes to share a little bit about what my faith means to me; the idea being that this might inspire or speak to those listening in some way. My ‘thoughts’ appear during the Vanessa Feltz show early in the morning, and are currently airing every Wednesday.

The Youthwork Summit: I’ve co-hosted all of the Youthwork Summit events since we launched them in 2010. This is pretty much the highlight of my year – getting to act as ring-master for a fast moving event with over 1,000 people in the room is both an adrenaline rush and a massive privilege.

I love hosting and presenting, and am always interested to explore opportunities in this area. If you’d like to contact me about this, please drop me an email.

Some stuff I no longer do:

Inspirational Breakfast – on Premier Christian Radio: I co-presented the Monday morning show with the legendary John Pantry, although I often find myself popping in at other times of the week. We played a mix of Christian music, interviewed famous people about their faith, and met interesting peeps who were getting their hands dirty in the ministry and mission of God. People rang up, often with hilariously brilliant results.

The Youthwork Podcast: The YW team’s regular pod comes out every other Wednesday afternoon. It no longer features me, but is ably steered by the brilliant Phoebe Thompson, Jamie Cutteridge. It’s really quite fun, and we hope it helps to generate a through-the-month sense of community for Youthwork readers, Youthwork Summit delegates, and people who engage with neither of those but enjoy free stuff. This is not to be confused with ‘Youthwork the Podcast’, a completely different* pod with the same presenters, 50 episodes of which are still available on iTunes.

The Christianity Magazine Podcast: A sort of short-lived high-brow big brother to the above, in which Ruth Dickinson and I met high-profile Christian leader types such as Graham Cray, Steve Chalke and Andrew Wilson, and tried to sound intelligent with our questions. I invariably failed, but fortunately Ruth is always there to pick up the pieces. We tried to include a game in this podcast where we get said leaders to read passages from books to the tune of 1980s Christian choruses. It did not make it into the final edit.

*Only if different means the same.

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